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Misjudging RPE

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  • Misjudging RPE

    I’m running the beginner prescription and many of the exercises will be something similar to [email protected] RPE 6, 1x8 @ RPE 7, 2x8 @ RPE 8 for a total of 4 work sets. I’ve had the experience where I pick a weight for my first set @ RPE 6 and feel confident after warming up that it was an appropriate weight to start, but after completing the first set I decide it is an RPE 7. In this situation I would add 5% and do my next two sets @ RPE 8 for a total of 3 work sets. My question is should I do anything to make up for that missed set @ RPE 6 or is it just not worth worrying about?

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    Nope, not worth worrying about. This is all part of the learning process, and the sets are providing a useful stimulus either way.
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      Thank you.