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  • Thanks... and about Oly

    BBM crew,

    Really love your content, it's great stuff in every way. I'm finally training consistently again, it's been several years! I've gotten through about four months without missing a day (thanks for that goal) and my lifts are progressing, probably a few months away from my strength peak. Finishing up Powerbuilding 1 now with the Oly GPP you recommend in your article. I want to keep adding weight to the powerlifting lifts, but that bit of Oly was really fun and I enjoyed figuring out how to clean! I also really enjoyed cycling completely off pull ups, especially since I didn't really lose any off my max count.

    My question is: given that I've only been back consistently lifting for a few months, do you think it's likely to progress in both the powerlifting and olympic lifts at the same time? I know questions like this are pretty squishy, strength is specific, and frequency matters, and that you're probably going to say there's no harm in trying it out. But it feels good to ask haha.
    My thoughts on a program would be
    a) Bridge, but add a Snatch + C&J day before day 3, and maybe do one day of Oly GPP
    b) Strength I, but sub out a 2-4 of the exercises for Olympic variations
    c) Olympic template, but change some of the lifts for PL friendly variations.

    Thanks for your time!

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    I'd probably do the Olympic template as it is written, as there is quite a bit of strict strength work in there. Glad you're back!
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      Sounds like a plan, Doc! Appreciate your time.