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E1RM vs Actual 1RM when selecting weight

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  • E1RM vs Actual 1RM when selecting weight

    Hi all,

    This week I was able to "test" the three main lifts in order to get an idea of what my 1RM is for the big three. That being said, my tested maxes have been considerably lower than my E1RM at the tail end of the Powerbuilding program. For example, my actual bench press max is 285, while I can hit 260 for 4 at RPE 8, which would put my E1RM at around 310. I understand there's a skill component to singles, so I am in no way bummed out about this disparity. However, I'm interested in starting the 12 Week Strength program next week, so my question is: when selecting starting weights, do I use my tested max (285) or E1RM (310)? Or both depending on the amount of reps? Or do I just pick a weight that hits the prescribed RPE?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would use your tested max to give you a ball park for load selection, but then use RPE during the workout to determine the load on the barbell.
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