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Did Bridge 1 and 3, Hypertrophy I, and HLM: What next?

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  • Did Bridge 1 and 3, Hypertrophy I, and HLM: What next?

    In order, I've done Bridge v1, Bridge v3, Hypertrophy I and now HLM. What next? A few things to consider here:
    1. My lifts haven't gone up that much since Bridge v3, excepting maybe a slight improvement on bench press. (I'd never trained it until Bridge v1.)
    2. For the last few months, I haven't had enough time to get through all three exercises in a given workout--it's ended up being the first two only in most cases. If there are relatively few sets per exercise, I'm much more likely to get through all three exercises. I don't think this time crunch is going to let up anytime soon.
    3. My ranked priorities:
    a. Lift three days a week with programs that work for a COVID home gym (squat rack, barbells). I don't have access to belt squats, leg presses, etc.
    b. Improve on DL without regressing on other lifts.
    c. Perform heavy singles.

    Should I rerun one of the aforementioned templates with different exercises, or is a new template warranted?

    (Relevant details and recent history here)
    I'm midway through Week 8 of The Bridge v1, and it's time to think about what's next. I'm not sure my lifts got much higher. But I enjoyed learning RPE, the new lifts, etc. so I consider it a success. I also hit a few heavy singles I'd never actually done before, so that's a win, too. 40 y.o. male, 5'10", 165 lbs Changes

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    I'd do the time crunch template and see how you do. It's got what you're looking for
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