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Fatigue on 4th week of the bridge

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  • Fatigue on 4th week of the bridge


    After completing SSLP, I am on my first workout of week 4 of the bridge.
    Progress up to week 3 was consistent, however, in the last couple of workouts I felt quite burnt out. In my last session I was doing 240 lbs for 5 Reps (My e1RM is 310lbs); I had already reduced the weight and it still felt much heavier than it does so I stopped for the day. Obviously I don't feel the best about not completing the workout.

    Question: Should I go right back and try the workout again as soon as I can. Should I rest a couple of days and restart from the workout I left at or maybe start back a couple of work outs?

    Other Factors
    I have had a tight work week which had me somewhat stressed. I may have occasionally exceeded the prescribed RPE on previous workouts.

    Appreciate any thoughts

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    I would just continue on the program as planned, aiming to be a bit conservative on the RPE's. Each workout is just another building block and we don't need peak performance every time we train. Rather, we just need to get the work in.
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