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    Quick question. I've run the Bridge 1.0, 2.0 and HLM and one of the GPP templates.. I just can't see how I can fit the 4-day 12week template into my life schedule. That said, I really want to work on strength and hypertrophy over the rest of this year, by alternating templates as suggested on the template bundle intro page.

    For the strength training, the 3-day modification you offer for the 12-week program seems very doable, but I got the impression from other comments you've made that you might prefer one do HLM instead. Given the way I'd like to alternate strength and hypertrophy goals this year, which 3-day template would you prefer generally speaking? It looks like I could get more volume at a lower intensity with the 12-week approach, which might also be better for hypertrophy, but will the subtraction of day 4 make that sub-optimal compared to HLM?

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    I would do the 12 week strength template in the 3 day format alternated with the 7 week Hypertrophy template (also 3 days a week).
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