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    Hey coaches, finishing the bridge V1 this week during spring break. The past 3 weeks have been highly demanding of me at work, and school (18hours) of geology/engineering courses. I am also doing two research projects with two different professors and finishing up some things before a 5-week trip I have to take in the summer to finish out my degree. So far I have put roughly 20-40lbs on my lifts while running maintenance calories(as best I can) and sleeping roughly 4-6 hours at the most a night on average.
    Also, I started the bridge weighing around 181-183lbs, the past three crazy weeks have put me around 174.6-177.8lbs. Having equipment at my house is the only way I have had the time to do what I have, and with all I have going on I'm surprised I have done what I have.

    My question for you is what should I do next after coming off the bridge, my last few weeks of school are gonna be extra gnarly, would it be in my best interest to keep powering through the bridge 2.0 after this even though there may be more bad days(recovery wise) than good or should I run the time crunch template? If you need more information let me know, I am not trying to be too vague I just don't want to waste your time, I can report back my progress this weekend as well if need be. I can't stress enough how busy I am right now.

    PS Do you have any idea if you guys are going to be taking on more clients for group programming toward the end of the summer? I won't be able to afford it until then but am planning on signing up if spots are available around time.

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    Repeat the Bridge v1.0 and add calories so you don't hemorrhage any more weight. You'll be fine.

    We will be likely doing group programming this summer as well so we hope to see you then.
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      When I get a good job toward the end of the summer I will definitely be signing up, thanks Jordan. You the man.