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  • Golfing & Training on the same day

    I'm currently running the Bridge (plan on running it again once I've finished) and I'm making good gains. I've become obsessed with golf recently and have paid for a membership to play 9 holes and hit unlimited range balls - I was curious if this may affect my training performance negatively. I know Jordan has been golfing a lot lately and was curious how it has affected his training. I could concentrate my golf practice on non-lifting days, but I'd also prefer to golf every day. Any thoughts? What if I golf in the morning before the lift - would it decrease my output considering I lift after work?


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    I play 3-4x/wk and it does not affect my training at all as far as I can tell. I regularly golf or practice and train on the same day. That said, gradual increases over time would be the move here rather than going "0 to 100 real quick"-Drake
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