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Meet 10 weeks out - Trimming the 12 week template

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  • Meet 10 weeks out - Trimming the 12 week template

    I have a meet coming up in 10 (or rather 10.5) weeks and somehow missed the opportunity to plan accordingly. I'd be glad to hear some more experienced advice on my situation.

    Currently I'm running The Bridge 1.0 (Week 6) and was planning to do the 12 week strength template afterwards. However, completing both programs in time is not possible, as I realized today. Does it make sense to hop straight to the 12w template next week and cut out two weeks of the program to peak just in time for the meet? My idea would be to skip week 9 ("specilization") and 11 ("sports form"), but I'm not sure if that's the smartest approach.
    Alternatively, I thought about completing The Bridge and repeating it. I'm not fresh out of the novice phase though, so a second run might not be optimal.

    Thanks in advance, appreciate the content you guys deliver!

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    I would start on week 3 of the 12 week strength template next week and run it as written.
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