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    Would the Bench Press and Hex bar deadlift be enough for full body general strength? I currently squat but my form always feels shitty and I get tennis elbow. I have plans of starting MMA training soon for fun/conditioning. Not looking to compete in anything right now just want to get strong and healthy. Would like to pull 500 and Bench 405 (Long term goal and favorite lift by a mile) and maintain those numbers.

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    "Full body general strength" is a nebulous concept, but yes, you can do quite well with a combo of a pressing movement + deadlift movement.
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      Any recommendations on sets and reps or any particular type of split to get the most bang for my buck with these two lifts? I just finished LP a few weeks ago and noticed a lot of people recommend only deadlifting once a week but with me only doing these two lifts would that rule still apply?. Thank you.


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        This article pretty much encapsulates our thoughts on this:
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