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  • Really strong out of nowherethe

    Is it normal to have a huge increase in strength for a training session out of nowhere? Training was going normally, i was doing a volume day and bench felt great. The planed top set was for 185 lbs for 8 reps at 9. I bumped that up to 195 after warming up since the weight was moving quickly (this was already a 10 lbs pr). I ended up getting to 8 reps and it felt like a 7. I couldnt believe it so i tested and sure enough i made it to 10 before hitting rpe 9.
    This puts me at an E1RM of around 270, 30 lbs over anything I have been able to get to in the past.

    Fast forward and bench has come back to normal, training is still going normally, making slow and steady gainz. It has just a very strange day in the middle of a training cycle where my strength shot up for a day. Is this normal? What could explain it?

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    Like the Los Angeles philispher O'Shea Jackson famously rapped, "Today was a good day." Some days you're the hammer and other days you're the nail.
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