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Beginner template + Brazilian jiu jitsu schedule

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  • Beginner template + Brazilian jiu jitsu schedule

    Hi everyone,

    First time poster. I tried using the search function but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    I am about to run the beginner template for a third time in a year due to multiple lockdowns in the UK. My schedule doesn't allow me to train weekends, and I will be training Brazilian jiu jitsu Mon/Wed/Fri.

    My question is this - what is the best way to run the three day beginner template within the five days available, alongside BJJ, as I feel doing both the full lifting session and jits + sparring on one day might cause recovery issues.

    I am thinking of doing two full lifting sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, and splitting up the lifts from the third session across the other days. With that in mind, is there any considerations as to which exercises should be placed where?

    My gut feeling is that getting the work done is better than not getting the work done, and that RPE will help guide the path. I am more thinking in regards of, would it be detrimental to deadlift 4x4 the day after barbell rows, or two days after the 8x8 etc.

    Apologies for the long post. I am likely overthinking it, I just love both sports so much as have to fit them into a 5 day schedule.


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    Can you just do the three days as programmed without splitting up the last day? I don't think I would do that for any particular reason outside of trying to save time.
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      Hi Josh,

      I too do BJJ/grappling the same days in the UK too lol. When I was new to the schedule, I ran the Hypertrophy 1 and General S&C template (did 5 weeks of beg template but without grappling prior). I'd do the workout days on the grappling days (Monday and Wednesday, but I did have the luxury of doing the third day on Saturday).
      I did fine working out about 3+ hrs before grappling, albeit some days were not live sparring rounds, other days were. Sometimes I would do some of the remaining accessories right after grappling practice because the club had some gym equipment there, which helped.
      I made amazing gains over the months; even while losing 10lbs of fat and doing quite tough wrestling and kickboxing practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays (In hindsight, I won't go that full on again because it was very taxing, but got insane results nevertheless).

      So for you, I'd recommend just doing the M/W/F set up. Personally, I would omit the Squats for 7 reps on Day 2 because in my mind, I would prioritise recovery and time for BJJ and upper body gains, rather than maximising lower body gains, but perhaps it could be that you want and can do both, I guess it's up to you - try it.

      Alternatively, I'd consider doing the General S&C template. It's much less taxing, while still including some nice high intensity strength work and high rep work; it worked perfect for me.
      Doing multiple sets @8 with heavy lifts, as in beg template, has been quite taxing while doing grappling in my experience. However, I think it would depend on your experience level and strength level.

      Just my understanding and experience