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  • Stress @ RPE 9

    Hi doc, I had posted something a week ago and didn't get back due to work and school @ RPE 9. However, something recent just happened and it needs more attention then the other post

    I hate to be that person... but

    This Sunday night that passed, I not sure if it was an anxiety or panic attack, but with school, work, and personal stress built up over time and I experienced something that wasn't pleasant as an external trigger had contribute to what I experienced. The next day Monday, It was hard for me to get up and get going, and another external trigger had caused more of a depressive type state. I usually get out of bed at 6-7am (If I sleep in then 8am), I struggled to get out of bed at 11 am. I was so lethargic, I couldn't even go to lift that day. I didn't even have the energy on Tuesday to make up for Monday.

    I went to lift today(Wednesday), and my workout was in the gutter. 135 lbs Squat was @ RPE 8 . Bench went okay, but after that, I couldn't do the last exercise, tried doing some dips and curls and was tired after doing that. I plan on Pulling on Friday and honestly don't look forward to it.

    A little training history.

    End of Summer 2020, quit barbell training,(Did Bro Stuff) End of Fall 2020 started BBM Beginner Temp, Late Jan - Early Feb had COVID

    After recovering from Covid, I was weak and the Beginner Temp was too much for me, even week 1 of phase 1. Was hella lightheaded and tired after even dropping the Day 1 Pull to [email protected] instead of [email protected] I modified my training for a bit and that went okay.

    But now after my anxiety situation I am not sure which program to continue, or to even continue Barbell Training.

    Honestly, even after modifying my Training I would be really tired and mentally fuzzy after workouts (while following RPE), and Barbell Training has been very monotonous for me ever since I had Covid. Sure I absolutely love doing a [email protected] for Pin Squats and Paused Pulls, and myro sets for Squats that was really fun.

    I'm reaching out and asking which program should I run, I've tried running the Beginner Temp in late Fall, and tried again after COVID recovery, but you guys have talked about in the past about not re running a program or grinding one out.

    I've also been contemplating about dropping Barbell Training for a bit and switching to Chris Heria style workouts (Calisthenics) as I desperately need to refresh my training routine, and get my Mental Health in order. Once I'm craving some Barbell Action (which has happened before, I aspire to do some crazy lifts like a 300lbs single on chained pin squats) I can switch back.

    As far as the Mental Health is concerned,
    I am working with a Psyc as I have serious ADHD, in which 5-10mg adderall has been working like magic for me (which allows me to calm my mind enough to meditate thus helping symptoms).

    What is your opinion Dr? If I decide to continue Barbell Training, which program should I do?

    Thank you for taking your time, Mental Health Topics can be iffy,

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    Sounds like you weren't able to really run the Beginner Template, which is what I would recommend. I think it's okay to feel tired after a workout, especially if you've been out of it for a long time. I don't think I have a problem with calisthenics for meeting the current exercise guidelines, though I don't think it's accessible for lots of folks given their existing fitness levels and probably not the appropriate tool if strength and hypertrophy are the main goals.

    I don't think your training needs any special modification for any of the mental health diagnoses described here, but if I were you and restarting resistance training with barbells...I'd do the beginner template and pick exercises you like.

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