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  • Workout length calibration

    I'm curious about typical (if there is such a thing) workout times...

    During phase 1 of the Beginner Template, my workouts have been averaging about 90 min (+/- 15 min).

    That's a challenge. I have my own business, and we're in crazy-busy growth mode right now, hard to find time to train. Having said that, I realize the answer may just be, "You make time for what's important."

    1. Is that (@90 min) normal? Seems like a long time (but I'm pretty new to the strength-training world).
    2. Anything I can do to shorten the workout, other than minimizing rest time between workout sets, and keeping rest time between work sets to the low end of your recommendations?
    Thanks in advance.


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    I think 75-100 min would capture 90% of most trainee's session lengths here.

    I think if you cap all rest periods to 3-minutes and set up the next exercise (if possible) while finishing up the prior exercise, you might be able to shave off 10-15 min, but nothing too drastic.
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