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Should I avoid Stiff Legged Deadlifts after back tweak?

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  • Should I avoid Stiff Legged Deadlifts after back tweak?

    Before I started BBM templates, when doing my bro workouts l frequently got back pain from squats and deadlifts on the same day and it took me weeks to recover. I never built any squat strength and just avoided them because I was weak and basically untrained at squat.
    I now have a good strength base but I got a back tweak on the powerbuilding template doing stiff legged deadlifts. It was the first time I'd done them since starting the beginner's template. I recovered in a week. I think because it was the third movement and the last rep I was just tired when it happened.
    Since then I've swapped in trap bar deadlifts for SLDLs since then (maybe 7 or 8 weeks). I'm wondering if it's good strategy to avoid stiff legged deadlifts completely now. Or should I do them as programed but starting with very light weight? (like under 100 pounds when my estimated DL max is ~300)

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    It's fine to substitute it out for something else while dealing with this issue, but I wouldn't view SLDLs as a movement to be avoided completely/indefinitely. Should you choose to re-introduce them at some point, I would just start them much lighter than you "want" to, and you should be able to adapt just fine.
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      Thanks I'll figure out how/when to work them in.