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Hypertrophy I Day 4 exercise & sets/reps question

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  • Hypertrophy I Day 4 exercise & sets/reps question

    I purchased Hypertrophy I and was looking through it and noticed on Day 4 of week 1, exercises 1, 2, and 3 show '2* pull 1', '2* press 3', and '3* pull 1' respectively with not sets/reps given. What does this mean? I checked the included pdf and didn't see mention of this.

    Is day 4 supposed to be in there? The template description on the website says there are 3 days of lifting and 2 days of GPP.

    Also, how should I go about exercise substitution? I don't have access to a belt-squat or leg press machine and I don't have an adjustable bench for incline exercises.


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    Hello! Thanks for checking on that. This template is a 3 day lifting plan, so there is nothing for day 4. Those are placeholders here in this template. And this template has the "exercise selection" tab, so if you go to that tab, click on the small arrows to the right of each movement, you'll see a drop down menu with additional movement choices.