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Strength III Final Week + Board Bench question

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  • Strength III Final Week + Board Bench question


    I'm about halfway through Strength III, and having fun throwing some heavy weight around! However, I have a question about the final week, Week 13. It's labelled as "Realization", and is only two days of very, very little volume, one of them at very high intensity. I take this to mean that this would be the week of whatever theoretical meet you may have been planning to do? I'm not doing a meet, should I still do week 13 as scheduled, or should I instead just move on to my next training block/program during that week?

    Also, for board bench, do you typically have people do it touch-and-go, or have them pause and pull the bar "through the board" for a moment before pressing?

    Thank you

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    Correct, that would represent a "test" week (i.e. for 1RMs). If you aren't interested in testing 1RMs, then you can skip the week and move on.

    There is typically a slight pause on the board. No need to actively pull it down.
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      Thank you, Austin. I'll probably just move on, unless I really get a strong hankerin' for 1RM testing that week.