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GPP When Transitioning Templates

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  • Austin Baraki
    If you're comfortable with the current (higher) dose of GPP, it'd be fine to stick with that.

    And no, probably no need for that extra week unless you're feeling particularly beat up.

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  • sooghs
    started a topic GPP When Transitioning Templates

    GPP When Transitioning Templates

    Hi BBM Team,

    I'm about to start the Powerbuilding II template after having just finished the legacy 3-Day Hypertrophy template (which was fantastic).

    The weekly GPP requirements at the end of the 3-Day Hypertrophy are quite a bit higher than what is prescribed at the beginning of the Powerbuilding II template. Should I do the GPP as prescribed in the new template or continue with the volume I was doing at the end of the old one?

    Thanks for everything,

    P.S. Is there any need for a formal pivot week between templates?