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Triceps isolation for strength - pros and cons

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  • Triceps isolation for strength - pros and cons

    The case people make for adding triceps isolation work is that it's easier to recover from than more pressing volume, but it can increase the CSA of the triceps, which will increase both the press and the bench. However I never see the BBM crew doing triceps isolation work, why is that?

    I'm doing The Bridge atm and wondering if adding some LTEs or pushdowns to the GPP work will give me huge triceps or just impede my recovery.

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    The more you bench and press, the better you get at benching at pressing and recovering from benching and pressing. There is a time and place for extra tricep work because yes, at some point you're looking to add volume of training to the triceps, but more benching and pressing isn't going to do it as efficiently. That said, I think more pressing work should be implemented first before LTE's or press downs on a program like the bridge. After that program, adding some tricep work could be fine.
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      I'll wait with it until the hypertrophy program then, thank you dr Nuance.