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Respiratory muscle training devices

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  • Respiratory muscle training devices

    Hey BBM

    I've recently stumbled upon devices to train your respiratory muscles like Airofit and Powerbreathe.
    Do you know if there is anything to gain from this type of training? On the surface it seems that training the respiratory muscles makes sense. However, I am still skeptical and don't want to waste my money if they don't do anything.
    I mainly do crossfit-like training. Would I gain any performance from using training devices like these?

    I know this is Barbell Medicine but I figured it was worth a shot since you guys are so knowledgable :-)


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    It's unlikely to help your resistance training, aerobic, or CrossFit performance, as oxygen intake is not one of the limiting factors in performance outside of extreme environments.
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      All right. I'll save my hard-earned money then.
      Thank you, Jordan!


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        I bought a Powerbreathe back in the day to help me out in my orchestra career. As a clarinetist I figured it could help develop better air support and lung capacity.

        It was useless. I couldn't use it as a training device. The amount of resistance you put on the dial is not consistently controllable, and if I used slightly too much resistance the device was detrimental to the kind of control I was after. There were a few edge-case applications for the thing but they weren't enough to justify keeping it around, so I shitcanned the damn thing after a couple months of trying to figure out how to make it useful. Total waste of money.

        If you want to improve your respiratory capacity just load up a sled and do some sprints with it three times a week. That'll do a lot more for you than a few pulls on a breathing resistance device.