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  • Strength Stagnant Weight Loss

    Hi there,

    After my first year of training running the beginner template, legacy hypertrophy and then Strength I templates, I finished my first mock meet with 415/295/445 at 218lbs bw. Realizing that I had gained a significant amount of fat and was now over a 38" waist I began a cut that has now brought me down to a 32.5" waist and 180lbs bodyweight. Over this time period I experienced a minor setback with hamstring tendonitis similar to what both Jordan and Austin have said to experience; a shooting pain between my hamstring and glute during the squat. During my weight loss I rehab this issue with box front squats slowly moving back to low bar back squats pain free thanks to the advice of barbell medicines rehab articles and videos. This process took about 6 months and I'll admit that my diet wasn't great and weight loss was stagnant for this time.

    Since rehab I continued my weight-loss I ran Legacy Hypertrophy I, then powerbuilder II back to back. Coming from a swimming background like Austin I've realized that 4 day per week training is completely within my ability to recover from and both my bench and deadlift have gone to 325 and 495 respectively. However, my squat has gone down to a eorm of 390. Although I'm likely squatting somewhat deeper than I was previously, my strength has obviously backslid during this past year which is extremely frustrating. I know Jordan has repeatedly stated that there's no reason you cannot lose weight and gain strength at the same time which leaves me wondering what it is I'm doing wrong. I always push myself during training, do all the GPP prescribed, and have never missed a training day or eaten less than 1g/lb of bodyweight during my deficit. I don't drink or use drugs and becoming a 450+ wilks lifter is really my only focus right now in life, I really do not believe I've noceboed myself. Rest is good, although I'm a first responder I think I do a good job at managing recovery and stress.

    I've submitted form checks for both my squat and deadlift and Jordan has reviewed both on Youtube without citing any major issues.

    My main question is, is this stagnation normal? Very much hoping there's some insight any of you coaches can provide. I'm starting to run Powerlifting II with a modest surplus with the hopes of improving my weak squat, but I'm really not sure that's going to help anything given what I've read about calories and strength not being very well correlated. I'm unsure whether I should even run a surplus if it's not going to matter much to my total.

    Unfortunately I don't not have the means to hire a BBM coach, and the training I have available to me through my work as a first responder is a function fitness program led by a pseudo intellectual that states barbell movements are dangerous and unhelpful. Looking at continuing PB II and then perhaps Strength III after this run at Powerlifting II.

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    Thanks for the post and the background info here.

    I honestly don't see a stagnation as much as an injury that made productive training difficult for awhile. Also, your squat is 25lbs off your best at a 40lb lighter body weight and now is to depth, which seems arguably better to me. This is on top of an improved bench press and deadlift so....strength is up for the most part *shrug emoji*

    To me, it really sounds like you're due for a good stretch of training where your lifts are going up. If this doesn't happen relatively soon on PL II, the programming may need some adjustment to facilitate this.

    As far as energy balance management, I think that's a personal decision based on what you want to do with your body size and composition primarily.
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