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    Hello, I have a couple of questions pertaining to training for runners. I've heard you recommend half-squats for long distance runners. Does this include all variations of the squat (front, goblet, etc)? Additionally, would movements like box jumps, squat jumps, agility ladder and other plyometric-style movements be of any benefit for runners?

    BTW thanks for all the awesome information you provide us with.

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    I don't recall recommending half squats for long distance runners. Depending on the level of advancement in resistance training and as a runner, I may not recommend them at all. I think they're more applicable for sprinters and shorter distance athletes. I feel similarly for plyometric work, though I wouldn't include the agility ladder as a plyometric movement. I think that's mostly useless for runners, though sports that involve running and dynamic changes in direction may benefit from that.
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