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Same volume, higher frequency (novice)

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  • Same volume, higher frequency (novice)

    Hi y'all, novice lifter here on a beginner template!
    I prefer to hit the gym before work with shorter workouts as part of my routine. My gym is just across the street and usually leave it feeling uplifted.

    So I would spread the weakly volume over 6 days:
    Mon: Squat + Bench Press
    Tue: Overhead Press + Deadlift & steady state cardio in the evening (GPP)
    Wed: Squat + Barbell Rows
    Thur: Deadlift + Upper back (GPP)
    Fri: Bench Press + Squat
    Sat: Cardio + Core (GPP)

    Is that cool? I generally see a lot of articles about having to rest 48h per muscle group. But this seems a bit unreasonable to me, especially for <=RPE 8 work...

    Also, would I be able to carry a similar scheme over to the 2nd and 3rd block of the beginner template? Or even other templates?

    Sorry If this has been answered before : )

    Love your content and RPE.

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    Honestly, I think it's probably a better idea to run the beginner program as it's written (with the movements of your choice) and leave it at 3x/wk unless you have to break it up this way in order to get all the training in. Otherwise, I see only disadvantages for a beginner lifter with this setup.

    If you want to break future templates up into more frequent training sessions, that's cool.

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