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Too much too soon???

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  • Too much too soon???

    I'm on week 5 of PB2 and I'm starting to get a lot of pain on my upper chest when I do presses.
    Could this pain be due to the agressive increase in pressing volume, load and frequency?
    I was on the Bodybuilding Template before just fine and I didn't run the PB1.(Bodybuilding was my first BBM template and then PB2, before I was doing some random Push Pull Legs)

    Should I just follow the protocol in the pain article and reduce sets and load and do tempo work?

    Or should I go back and do the PB1 a couple times before doing the PB2?

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    Regardless of the cause, I would follow the protocol in the Pain in Training article and go from there. FWIW, I think this is probably more of an unlucky turn of fortunate than anything else.
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      Ok, Thanks Dr.