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    Hello guys, I have some questions around the templates you have on offer, and there uses over say a year, or several years.

    I have completed the beginner template, and I am currently on week 5 of the strength 1 template. I am a 185cm tall 23 years old, and work in the office environment with four meals a day, and sufficient sleep.

    My goal is for:

    (a) strength improvements across the big four, although I prefer the bench press to the press when it comes to program prioritisation given focusing equally on both is not recommended;
    (b) muscular hypertrophy and physique in the long-run, that is to say, I do not care much about this in the short term.

    I have listened to many of the podcasts, and read through many forum posts before coming to post here, I apologise if these questions were addressed where I had not listened or read so far.

    Before I get into the questions I will set the scene.

    As said before, I am currently on the strength 1 template. What I enjoy about the template is that I can build my work capacity and tolerance to both volume, frequency and intensity of the lifts, primarily the bench press where pressing 3 times + 1 supplemental on the Wednesday. I very much like having 1 rep sets at RPE 8.

    Over the program I have reduced my rest times from 5 minutes to 3 minutes on the deadlift and squat, and have changed my squat form to have greater depth - thus my squat and deadlift performance is difficult to assess. My bench has exploded from the additional volume, with a huge increase in bench work capacity alongside more weight to the bar - my overhead press has remained constant in weight but with the added volume.

    I have been constantly been conflicting around my template progression. Do I continue to powerlifting 2, or go onto powerbuilding 2 or hypertrophy 2? Is the main conflict inside my head.

    I do not have an intention to compete in a meet - thus I am not interested in peaking.

    I have read across the form about the merits of say, doing strength -> hypertrophy -> strength -> hypertrophy etc.. This is something I am quite interested in - although it raises several questions, such as why not powerbuilding instead? Or if this could be considered ideal for long-term non-competing strength and physique?

    Another case I have read is that if ones goal is both hypertrophy and strength, to do powerbuilding. How is this different to alternating strength and hypertrophy or alternating strength and powerbuilding?

    Is there is a case for utilising the three styles?

    I have had intentions to do the powerlifting 2 template after strength 1, or having the hypertrophy 2 or powerbuilding 2 before-hand. I am keen to get on the four day split, especially since I am really enjoying benching three times a week, and wouldn’t feel that great about dropping the frequency to twice per week - probably some bias here but also a desire to continue what is working well.

    Be great to hear your response, I am keen to learn more and achieve my goals in a sensible manner.

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    I think if you're getting good results with Strength I that I'd just keep doing that until it stops working or you prefer to do something else.

    I think for more advanced lifters, there may be some benefit to doing different styles of programming to break up meet preps or strength-focused runs. A hypertrophy block fits in nicely here, but truth be told, nearly all of our strength templates should drive significant hypertrophy responses.

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