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A couple questions on warming up.

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  • A couple questions on warming up.

    Hey there docs, I did a quick search and couldn’t find the exact answer to what I’m asking so I thought I’d just start a new thread on it:

    As far as strength is concerned, I know it is measured in a specific context, so if one were to do competition deadlifts/squats/bench, would it be a good idea to warm up with whatever equipment you are using for working sets? For example, if one was doing sets of 5 of deadlifts on the powerlifting II program, would it make sense to warm up with mixed grip/belt/chalk? Or would it not make any difference to your heavier working sets? Would one just go ahead and switch to chalk, belt, etc. after a certain point based on the individual?

    The other question I had was about warming up with two similar movements in a row. For example, if one was doing the powerlifting II template and the exercises were touch n go bench followed by incline bench or wide grip bench, would you even need to warm up the last exercise since a lot of work has been done before that? Or at the very least less warm up sets?

    Thanks again for your time!

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    We typically warm up in a similar fashion to our working sets, yes. You don't necessarily have to put your belt on immediately for your lightest weights, but it doesn't matter if you do either. Here's a relevant video:

    You could definitely do fewer warm up sets for the subsequent exercise, yes.
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