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making up a missed workout

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  • making up a missed workout

    I am doing a 4 day split program, M, T, Th, F. I have to miss this Friday. I cannot make it up Saturday, because my gym is near my work, over an hour away. So, I want to double up on Thursday.

    My planned workouts would have been:
    Thursday: Squat 3x5 heavy, DL 3x5 light, weighted chins
    Friday: Press 3x5 heavy, bench 3x5 light, row 3x5 light
    (by light, I mean about -10% weight from my heavy day on that exercise)

    My plan is to do my regular Thursday workout during my lunch break time, as I normally do. Then, do my Friday workout right after work, about 5 hours later. I assume that would be better than trying to do it all at once - I think I would run out of steam.... and time.

    Thanks for any advice,

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    I would just add the movements you'd miss to the other training sessions over the entire week rather than trying to do 1 double day. However, this advice might be a little late...
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