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Recovering and Strengthlifting II

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  • Recovering and Strengthlifting II


    I've completed beginner prescription and block 1/block 2 of the bodybuilding template. I made some gains in both and really only felt fatigued on the later weeks in the programs which are expected. My plan was to run Strengthlifting II and then hop back on the bodybuilding template. However, I feel extremely fatigued and it's only week 3 in the Strengthlifting template II. Im sleeping 7-8 hours a night and eating enough because I'm maintaining weight. I don't necessarily track calories but im not opposed to starting it. My question is how would you guys approach this and what may be the cause. Would one start with correcting RPE's as In maybe I'm overshooting them? Would you have someone regress to strengthlifting I? Thank you in advance, I appreciate the forums and I really enjoy using your periodized programs.


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    Hey Gabe,

    Thanks for the message. When you say fatigued, what do you mean exactly? How has your progress in the gym been?

    Side note, if you're overshooting RPEs I would correct that anytime that was happening, yes.

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