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  • Lack of progress

    Hello BBM-Team,

    what my options when I repeatedly fail to increase my weight on the bar while maintaining the same RPE on a given template?

    From the instructions:

    "In other words, individuals who are actually getting stronger should be able to increase loads at regular time intervals, e.g. weekly or every other week, without significantly increasing the RPE ratings, reducing reps, cutting the range of motion, or requiring dramatically extended rest periods"

    What shall I do if Iam not responding? Is this template specific?

    What can I do after completing the bodybuilding template, if hypertrophy remains as my goal?

    thanks and cheers

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    Are you saying that none of your lifts have gotten stronger in the past couple of weeks?

    For hypertrophy, it's not a pre requisite that you're getting stronger per se', but it probably still should be happening. Can you clarify?
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