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  • Moving on to next phase of a template

    Hey BBM team,

    I'm currently running Phase 2 of the Beginner Template and am really seeing some awesome progress on my bench and deadlift. I'm running the 4th week of the phase on repeat for now. I know in the e-book that came with it that y'all suggest I run the 4th week until my e1RM on at least 2 lifts doesn't increase, but subjectively I'm feeling worn out on some of the sessions, especially the Day 1 workout. Do you suggest transitioning to the next phase if a client subjectively is feeling like they should change things up a bit with the set/rep scheme or still encourage them to continue with repeating the last week until e1RM decreases on two of the lifts?


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    Hello! Given that you're in the stage of repeating week 4 now AND you're reporting this training "fatigue" (even if it's a bit more mental vs a physical stall,) I'd have you move on. Often a bit of a change is helpful for many reasons!


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      Thank you, Leah! Appreciate the response!