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  • Bench and OHP

    Hi docs, hope you're doing well. I have been running strength 1 but I wanted to train OHP as well as bench so I replaced the bench variations on day 2 and 3 for the overhead press. This way I ended up with training both the bench and the overhead press twice a week. Do you this is a good way to effectively increase strength for both lifts. If not, do you think I should train just bench 4 times a week for one block and then train just overhead press 4 times a week for the next block? Thanks

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    I think it's a reasonable strategy and if you're responding well to this programming, as evidenced by both lifts going up, then I think you've identified a strategy that works for you at this time.

    For me and some people I've worked with, I just haven't seen great results by trying to do both at the same time. This doesn't mean you will necessarily have the same fate so, I'd see how your current approach works and use that to inform your next move rather than try to predict what the future holds.
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      This strategy has been working for me so far so I guess ill stick with it for now, thanks for the response!