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A different (Not Another) Template question

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  • A different (Not Another) Template question

    Hey Drs Jordan and Austin!

    With the memorial day sale (30% OFF of templates!!), I'm pretty much salivating on which ones to purchase. Fortunately, after reading a number of posts/questions about templates, I'm pretty sure I know which ones I want based on my goals.

    It has however piqued my interest seeing that a number of your templates have different versions (e.g. Powerbuilding I ver 3.0 or The Bridge ver 3.0 just to name a couple).

    If I understand correctly (correct me if I'm wrong), these newer products are the better and/or more polished versions of their predecessors. That said, is there any way I could get the older versions of the templates (for whatever reason)?

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    What happened was one of our original web developers started using the "version x.x" to make graphics. We didn't think much of it at the time, but we should've anticipated that it was going to be confusing and not really add anything to our landing page.

    To answer your question, the PB1 and paid version of The Bridge are continually updated, which purchasers get for free. We don't provide new customers with the older versions though. Sorry about that.
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      Bummer, thanks for clarifying though. I just wanted to see (purely out of curiosity) how the programming changed (if any) from the older to the newer versions.

      On another note, I did purchase PBI and Strength I. The 30% sale was too hard to ignore! Looking forward to running these when the time is right.