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  • Bodybuilding Template Phase III

    Hi, thanks for all that you guys do. Seriously, after having listened to all of your programming and Q/A podcasts (and most instagram live's) and having purchased/ran Hypertrophy II, Powerbuilding II, and the 12 week Press Template over the past few months, I'm much stronger at a much lighter bodyweight. Barbell Medecine has changed my life for the better.

    I'm midway through Bodybuilding Phase III, enjoying this change of pace and love(hate?) the supersets. I'm heading into week 4 where all my first lifts of the day are about to turn from 4 sets @7 to 4 sets @8 and I would like to clarify something please.

    1) I've been doing these sets across, adding a little bit of weight per set per week, trying to not overshoot the RPE's. In general, I understand as I adapt, I will be better at doing this at sets across @rpe8. I just want to make sure that I am correctly running this bodybuilding phase with sets across as prescribed as opposed to doing, for example, a set of 10 reps @7,8,9 then backoffs with -8% (similair to how weeks 5 and 10 are in the Hypertrophy II template). Just curious why the distinction is there (if any) between the two templates in the context of hypertrophy outcomes. In addition, according to page 23 of the Bodybuilding Manuel that comes with with purchasing the template, one of the squat examples for progression is listed as:

    Working Set #1: 10 repetitions @ 180 pounds, rated at RPE 6
    Working Set #2: 10 repetitions @ 185 pounds, rated at RPE 7 Working Set #3: 10 repetitions @ 190 pounds, rated at RPE 8 Working Set #4: 10 repetitions @ 190 pounds, rated at RPE 8

    ^so these ARE ramped

    I know i'm overthinking this, I applogize. I've tried to dig around with your response in the following thread to understand this better:

    To be honest, I am sort of still "ramping" because I always do a warmup set of 10 reps @6 before my 4sets @rpe 7 to better guage my following worksets, and I will continue do so before my 4 sets @8 rpe 8 for the coming weeks. And I know that, while its a lower intensity set, that warmup set of 10 reps @ rpe6 still contributes to the workload and stimulus of the session so maybe I'm still ramping up anyway and should continue as is?

    If it means anything, my only goal is to get jacked with this template, not to get better at lifting at higher intensities or achieve a higher 1rm in the near future.

    2) I've been doing the arms GPP with Biceps/Triceps I exercises at 6 sets twice per week, and the Biceps/Triceps II exercises at 3 sets twice per week (so 18 total direct arm sets per week because the template says do each Biceps/Triceps I and II twice per week) Although it was a lot of volume at first, now I'm fine and I enjoy it.

    According to this recent thread:

    I've been overdoing it and was supposed to do Biceps/Triceps I and II only once each per week (so a total of 9 sets)? I seem to tolerate the volume fine right now(despite DOMS), but I'll cut back if 18 sets of direct arm work per week is not recommended.

    Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post!


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    Thanks for the post and glad you're enjoying the template. For your questions:

    1) It seems like you're asking what potential differences there will be between the hypertrophy and BB templates based on loading alone. I think the biggest function of the way the BB template is programmed is less fatigue per unit stress, or at least that was the goal. The inclusion of more isolation work leads to higher RPE work, as a hedge towards more muscle growth using that loading scheme in that context.

    2) I don't think it matters now, but if your arms haven't been growing it might be because it's been too much. I suspect you'll adapt soon however.

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      Thanks so much for the reply Jordan! That makes sense, slightly different training stresses. At first, I was definitely sore after each session, but my body has seem to adapt itself to the supersets and the high(er) volume per session as opposed to the previous templates I've run.

      i'll keep the arm volume as is since I'll adapt. Just to clraify though (because I plan to re-run phase III of this template between my strength blocks), it was supposed be :

      D1 arm gpp: 6 sets only of Biceps/Triceps I
      D2 arm gpp: 3 sets only of Biceps/Triceps II

      For a total of 9 arm sets total per week?

      Sorry for my OCD


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        That's correct.
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          Ok thank you! Suprised I'm able to tolerate this volume, but I'm quite happy I am. My arms are noticeably larger already. I've never really had this happen before when I thought this high volume was "expected" even though it was supposed to be lower, and I've adapted to it. Like the opposite of a nocebo I suppose. Again, thanks for the help!