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  • Question about bodybuilding template

    Hi team

    I had a question about the bodybuilding template.

    I'm considering joining a low end commercial gym relatively close to my house that only has three squat racks and two benches. So its possible when I go to the gym these sets of equipment would be taken.

    I'm considering purchasing the bodybuilding template. On the bodybuilding template, if im programmed for say squats, and the squat racks are taken, can I just substitute for something like leg press instead so im not standing around waiting? Or will I still have to do squats and wait.

    I know in powerlifting subsisting the lifts arent ideal, but in bodybuilding / muscle growth I guess it wont matter too much what exercise it is as long as you work the muscle required I.e. squats vs leg press wont be much of an issue as it is in powerlifting?



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    You can certainly sub in leg press for squats (or split squats with dumbbells for squats or smith machine squats, etc.).

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