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Getting back after year off

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  • Getting back after year off


    I've been reading the forums here for awhile now and figure it's time to make a post.

    I ran the SSLP for the first few months of 2020, made some okay progress and ended up with 315 Squat and DL, 145 Bench, and 130 Press at 180 BW, with what felt like maybe another month of LP to go. When the pandemic hit I decided to not go back to the gym due to a pre-existing medical condition. Here I am a year later, with a vaccine and ready to get back to it. My plan is to reset the LP and then move on to the Bridge as planned. Unfortunately, I won't be able to train in earnest until this fall as my job takes up most of my time and energy this time of year (I work as a commercial fisherman and vegetable farmer).

    My question is whether it's worth getting back in once a week, alternating workouts each week, in order to get my feet wet again and get some of the benefits of lifting back (any amount of lifting seems to be the greatest buffer against the wear and tear I get from work). Is there any reason not to do this and just wait until I can properly run a program and make real progress, am I squandering any of that novice effect by training infrequently for the time being? My instinct says no and that any training will be beneficial, though I could be completely wrong.

    I really appreciate what everyone here is doing, all the information has been invaluable, thanks!


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    Hey James,

    Welcome back to the gym A few thoughts here:
    1. It is very clear that some training is better than no training for both health and performance.
    2. You are no longer a novice because you have trained before. That doesn't mean you will never make rapid progress again, but just that you're not a novice. I think it's important to divorce these two ideas.
    3. Right now you are detrained and need to exercise to restore previous abilities and function. Waiting longer won't help you, but rather it will increase the amount of detraining.
    4. We would recommend our beginner prescription (or template) - or other similar program- over LP, as LP has no conditioning included, does not use auto-regulation, is hyper-specialized, etc. and despite its supposed "simplicity" - does not produce good adherence.
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