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  • Army combat fitness training

    Is this good for a weight loss template? I am half way through power building II but starting at a 44 inch waist. I think I will need at least one more rerun to get to where I want. I remember before the hypertrophy template it was built off was one of the better for weight loss. Would the new template be good for that. I was thinking about as a change of pace but debating if it is just better to stick with powerbuilding. I would like to run strength when my BF is in acceptable ranges. I will be turning 50 next year if that is important. My nutrition compliance hasn't been perfect so the inches haven't dropped as much as they probably could have.

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    That template is designed for soldiers preparing for the ACFT who do not already do much training or are not already well-trained. There are other templates that may fit your situation/goals, but if you are already handling something like the powerbuilding template, I would not switch to the ACFT template.
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