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  • Template Question - Strength 1

    Hi Team.

    I have finished week 12 of Strength 1, I am intending on skipping week 13 which would be a fake meet, and start either powerlifting 2 or strengthlifting 2, or simply restarting strength 1 since I have enjoyed it this far (no GPP days).

    I am drawn to focus on my press some more with strengthlifting 2, however, since I have loved my bench progress thus far with the higher frequency and intesity/volume per week, I am reluctant to stop this momentum.

    One question I have for you is, would you expect more bench progression from a 1RM strength and hypertrophy standpoint from Strength 1 or Strengthlifting 2?

    As an aside I have read on the forums that one can continue to do bench during the mid to late parts of the template (strengthlifting 2) where it phases out. Similar to the press in Strength 1 being replaced by more benching. I am not confident in my programming ability to understand how I can correctly make this type of modification. Would there be any suggestions?

    My current plan is to start week 1 of powerlifting 2 next Monday. Although it would be interesting to hear your response or thoughts.

    I do not compete at the moment, but hopefully will have my first meet in around 9 to 12 months.

    Thank you

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    Strength II still has some bench press work in it and, coupled with the extra pressing volume from Strength I, is likely to drive a similar amount of bench press progress as Strength I...provided you can tolerate it. I think if you had good results from Strength I, I'd repeat it one more time and then think about swapping to Strength II (with a pressing focus).
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