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Cutting on The Bridge (topic not related to construction/architecture)

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  • Cutting on The Bridge (topic not related to construction/architecture)


    First of all I would like express my gratitude to everyone on Barbell Medicine Team for their hard work on YT, The Page, and Podcast. I have learned a lot and I'm still learning from you and you're literally the best in biz.

    Height 185cm/6'1"(ish)
    Weight 105kg/231lbs

    Deadlift: 200kg/440lbs
    Bench Press: 125kg/275lbs
    Press: 90kg/198lbs
    I just finished my NLP, and want to lose body fat. I want to lose quite a bit 15kgs/33lbs, but my goal also is to not lose or lose as little as possible of my precious, precious strength gainzZz.
    I wanted to do few runs of The Bridge, while losing around 0.5% per week for 12 weeks, 6 weeks maintance and again 12 week cutting diet.

    1. Is it a good approach or would you change something (strength is more important for me then total dieting time, it can be as long as needed)?
    2. What can is the best case scenario for strength during long cut?
    3.Who would have won the battle between tiger and gorilla?

    Thanks, and sorry for any English mistakes, I'm from Poland.

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    Thanks for the kind words and the post. Happy to have you hear.

    For your questions:

    1) I would do The Bridge, then transition to Strength I afterwards.
    2) Use good programming. A deficit does not imply strength loss or plateau, especially in individuals like you.
    3) Probably the tiger. They're bigger and faster, I think?

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