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    Hypertrophy 1 lets me optionally select the Floor Press as a supplemental.

    With my unusually long arms, the bar comes down to about 5 or 6 inches above my chest. In that range of motion, am I getting all of the intended benefits of a Floor Press? Or should I select a different supplemental?

    I'm asking because: according to bro vids on teh interwebz, the great thing about a Floor Press is being able to work the sticking point a happens about 2 or 3 inches above your chest. I cannot possibly get a Floor Press down far enough to work that alleged sticking point.

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    Sounds like our floor press ROM is about the same and I have found utility with it. I also think individual's sticking points vary significantly and to work on those, I'd actually train to a position just before the sticking point. Still, the floor press is another pressing exercise and has some transference to other pressing exercises. From a hypertrophy standpoint, a full ROM exercise would probably be "better", but maybe not enough to notice.
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      Also, after posting above, I realized that I could try elevating my torso a couple inches. Sort of like a "deficit Floor Press" but still not the same as a Bench.