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Powerbuilding II Supplemental exercises

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  • Leah Lutz
    Glad you've got it and are enjoying it!

    Here are some ideas, but you'll want to get some bands:
    Leg extension with a band
    Lying banded leg curls.
    Without bands you could do:
    Reverse nordics for the leg extensions
    Nordic hamstring curls for the hamstrings/leg curls

    If you don't have DBs for lateral raises, bands can be used here as well. You could also sub another shoulder movement here-barbell upright row, seated press, and push ups for the flyes.


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  • smburt
    started a topic Powerbuilding II Supplemental exercises

    Powerbuilding II Supplemental exercises

    Hi Team, I recently bought the powerbuilding II template and am loving every bit of it. However, I don’t have any of the equipment to perform the supplemental exercises and no alternatives are given. What are some decent alternatives I could do with access to only barbells?