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  • Choosing a template

    Hello coaches,

    Thank you for the great content.

    My question is about what your thoughts are on which template to choose.

    I am a male weighing 180 and 5'10 tall. 25 years old no injuries.
    Have been following SSNLP and my numbers are
    squat 305x5
    bench 210x5
    Press 140x5
    Deadlift 365x5

    I am interested in getting stronger also on the press not only the bench press. Not competing in any form just want to be bigger and stronger. Have time to train however long and whatever days. What do you recommend?

    A little confused in if I should do the bridge 1 or 3 or strength 1 or powerbuilding or powerlifting or HLM..

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards

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    I would do the free Bridge program to get used to autoregulation and more frequent deadlifting. Then, I'd do Strength I or PB I.
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      Thank you very much.