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Angled or straight swiss bar

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  • Angled or straight swiss bar

    I am just getting to the point where I would like to purchase a specialty bar for my home gym. I exclusively train in my garage. I would like to get a swiss bar, and I am wondering if anyone had a strong opinion on getting angled handles or straight ones? I realize I probably don't NEED one, but I would like some variety and figure i could use it for bench, press and row variations. I really don't have much of a chance to try them out first either. I also know this is a pretty small difference and may just come down to personal preference.

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    I don't have a strong opinion. I use a straight one. Others are free to chime in with their thoughts.
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      Looks like I might go with the cheapest then. I am looking at rouge. I was wondering if there was any science on one or the other being easier on the shoulders.


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        There are some that have angled and neutral grips. You can get a bar with options, I am not sure about cost differences but you really don't have to choose.


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          I think the knurled version rogue sells is superior to the unknurled one FWIW.
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            The ROGUE MG-3 MULTI GRIP BAR has the closest grip angled and the rest straight, but the closest is only ten inches apart. The reviews are saying that it's to close to be very useful. But the knurled handle recommendation is helpful. I guess I was hoping for some badass science stuff from the good doctors haha. As a science/medicine enthusiast I also appreciate the honest answer of no strong opinion.