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Meet Prep Guidance - Weight Cut and Peak Week

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  • Meet Prep Guidance - Weight Cut and Peak Week

    Hi BBM Team!

    I hope you all are doing well.

    I'm currently running the Powerlifting II template going into my meet on 9/25 (USPA SoCal Drug-Tested Open). I will be competing in the Men's 67.5 kg class and am currently maintaining my weight at 68.5 kg. I had a few brief questions related to my meet prep that I was hoping you all could answer:
    1. With only 1% of my BW to lose before the comp, is there a meaningful difference between losing that weight now and losing it, say, 2-3 weeks before the meet?
      • If it makes any difference, there is a 24-hour weigh-in.
    2. My meet is on a Saturday. On Week 13, should I do:
      • Day 1 on Monday
      • Day 2 on Tuesday
      • Rest until Saturday?
    Thanks so much,


    P.S. Really enjoying this template, and all of your templates!

    Current 1@8s are:

    S: 156.5 kg
    B: 102 kg
    D: 181 kg

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    Very cool, man. Looking forward to seeing how you do!

    1) I don't think it matters given how close you are.
    2) This is mostly personal preference, but I'd do Day 1 on Monday, day 2 on Weds, weigh-in Friday, compete Saturday.

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      Thanks so much Jordan, really appreciate the response!

      Will update you all on how it goes.