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Lower Body Workload on Strength I

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  • Lower Body Workload on Strength I

    Hi everyone. So I'm in week 4 now of the Strength I program and my bench is progressing extremely well, but my deadlift and squat are a bit iffy. I'm able to complete the required work but I feel quite beat up all the time. (sore back and legs and slight pain now and then in my knees)

    I know from personal experience that I tend to overtrain rather then undertrain, and so I want to ask if you would reccomend reducing the workload or to just keep going at it until something breaks.

    If you would reduce the workload, what exactly would you reduce? Less backof sets, no overload squat day, or something else?

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    One thing to try could involve decreasing the RPE targets by 1 point and seeing how you tolerate that.

    If you are still experiencing issues, your subsequent options could involve changing the exercise selection (if there are movements that you feel are disproportionately fatiguing) or decreasing the number of sets.
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