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Few questions regarding 12 WK Strength

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  • Few questions regarding 12 WK Strength

    I just purchased the 12 week strength program and I had a few questions I thought I'd put in one thread.

    1) Week 1 is fairly different for SBD than the rest of the program. I am wondering what is the purpose of the week and the RPE 9 sets? Coming from The Bridge, it was odd seeing SBD had an RPE 9 set at the end for the first week. Is it meant to build fatigue early?

    2) Is it recommended for or against additional accessories, particularly belted squat, GHR and reverse hypers. Is there a recommended set and rep schemes and RPE to follow? At what week would it be recommended to taper/remove accessories.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1) Not really, just a benchmark set.

    2) I don't think you should add anything to the template if its your first time through.
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