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  • Beginner Template, Pin Squat

    Hey BBM Folks,

    I'm doing the beginner Template for the second time, Covid interrupted the first run so I am starting from the beginning, and I am close to moving over to phase 2. Phase 2 uses uses paused squats for the secondary squat movement and phase 3 uses pin squats. Looking forward I have a question about if my equipment will allow pin squats.

    I don't have my own equipment and I train at a local gym that tries to appeal to everyone, so the equipment is not great for powerlifting. Specifically, the half rack safeties are only adjustable to about four inches between levels. So the safeties or pins are either three inches below parallel, or a couple inches high when I am squatting to depth.

    Should I squat a bit lower, a bit higher, sub in either tempo or box squats, or assume none of this matters and a couple inches of depth won't change anything.

    Attached is a photo of me at the bottom of my squat for reference.

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    You can pick a different squat variation if you want, as the template is setup to let you choose what you want to do. For pin squats, I'd move the safeties up one notch and squat to that. Looks like it'll put you ~1" above parallel if you push your knees forward hard during the descent. I'd widen your stance too 1/4" each side as well. You may also use a 1/2" mat if you have them to stand on to shore up the difference. No big deal either way.

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      Thank you for the tips. I'm on week 4.6 of the beginner prescription and I just failed the last rep on a 305# deadlift on day three, after all the warmups felt great. So it's probably time to move on to week 5.

      Rather than so my sets of 3*10 squats, I messed around setting my working sets on the tertiary squats using the hack squat machine for the first time, and played around with my foot position, as you suggested, with pin squats.

      Setting my squat stance wider and really focusing on keeping my chest up gets me to almost full depth, maybe a quarter inch high. I have a problem with my right heel raising a bit, and it seems worse with the pin squats. Not sure why, but something to work on.

      Thanks again.


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        I think if you bend over more, e.g. get slightly more horizontal with your chest, it will be easier for you to keep your feet flat on the ground and hit depth here. Nice work!
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