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Stalling and no micro plates

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  • Stalling and no micro plates


    I’m finally back training after 6 months off due to gyms been completely closed during lockdown and no access to barbells or home gym with a squat rack .
    I also got COVID at Xmas which set me back before that.
    So I’m kinda starting back at the start again.
    I current doing sslp with the aim to move onto the bridge once I stop responding on squat etc
    weight - 102kg
    Squat - 117.50kg x 5 x 3
    Bench - 92.50kg x 5 x 3
    Press - 60kg x 5 x 3
    Deadlift - 150kg x 5 x1
    Barbell Row - 90kg x 5 x 3

    My squat feels good, as does the deadlift and Row.
    But my press and bench are maximal effort to get the last rep.
    My last session I done in the press was;

    62.50kg x 4 x 2
    62.50kg x 3 x 1
    62.50kg x 2 x 2

    The reps are all over the place but I wanted to get in the same amount of reps with the weight.
    Would that be an alternative to not having micro plates.
    Or would you recommend another way to increase the weight without micro plates?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies if this has been discussed before on other threads.
    Thank you

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    Here's an old article from the site that may help:

    Or you could just move on to different programming, since that was your plan once you stop responding ... and it sounds like you've stopped responding on those lifts at least.
    IG / YT


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      Thanks Austin,

      That’s just the information I was looking for.
      I will try that programming for the press and bench and see how it goes.

      My squat and deadlift are going well at the moment so will move onto a different programme once I stall.

      Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
      Really appreciate it