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Post-meet, wut do? (GPP Hypertrophy vs Hypertrophy 1/2)

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  • Post-meet, wut do? (GPP Hypertrophy vs Hypertrophy 1/2)

    Hey BBM team,

    I'm just coming off my first powerlifting meet with some awesome new PRs on all lifts, and have been loving the Strength 1 programming I've purchased from you all. I've been focused specifically on powerlifting/strength training since I got back into training for the last 2 years, with most training being focused around improving the Squat/Bench/Deadlift.

    Some google-fu and browsing around the forums has me leaning toward running a more hypertrophy-focused program for the next couple of blocks to help reset myself and act as a "palate cleanser". I'd like to return to the platform sometime around the beginning of next year and continue to try and compete twice a year, with an overall goal of increasing my total.

    That being said, I'm struggling to figure out which template would work better for my given circumstance. I'm stuck between buying either the Hypertrophy 1/2 or the 7 week GPP Hypertrophy bias template. Which would you typically recommend for someone looking to break away from the competition lifts for an "offseason", or really just a moderate break from a strength-focused program?

    In terms of bodyweight, I'm looking to maintain/recomp for the next few months around 92kg. Long term I'll be moving into 105kg weight class, but I'm not actively looking to bulk right now. Wouldn't mind shedding a bit of bodyfat as a result of maintenance, but bodyweight/composition is not a primary driver for me currently.


    Height: 72 inches
    Weight: 92kg
    Waist: 33.75" - 34"
    Squat: 222.5kg / 490.5 lbs
    Bench: 137.5kg / 303 lbs
    Deadlift: 227.5kg / 501.5 lbs


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    Congrats on the performance at the meet, CTG.

    I'd probably run 4-6 weeks of the Powerbuilding or Hypertrophy I templates before hopping back on the gainzZz train (e.g. a strength template).

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