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  • Reducing session RPE

    After watching the video about injury reduction I realized I need to reduce my session RPE. I've been having issues with my right Lat pulling during high bar and SSB squats. It has happened about three times over the past year. Its pretty depressing and debilitating when it happens. I do well rehabbing it by myself, but I just keep pulling it again and again. I've been running the HLM template over the past 6 months on repeat because my lifts keep going up (except my squat). The part of the video where Dr. Baraki talked about session RPE being too high session after session hit home with me. I feel like my sessions are all RPE 9/10 and I'm in the gym for way too long. I'm stuck in that mindset that every session needs to be harder than the last. My squat sessions are particularly grueling and last a very long time with really long rest periods. I feel like I am following the prescribed RPE and not forcing weight on the bar. I always need 7-10 minutes rest between squat sets. Is this an indication that the set RPE is too high? My pressing and pulling rest periods are always much shorter, 3-5 minutes. Should I just try reducing my squat RPE so that I only need 3-5 minutes rest? My squat has also not increased very much at all over the last 6-12 months. This probably indicates that the stress is not very productive. Thanks.

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    I would look at reducing load, volume, and total duration of time in the gym to reduce session RPE.

    I would not recommend 7-10 minute rest periods for much of training and routinely needing that does seem like you're going too heavy before you're actually strong enough to lift more weight at a similar exertion to your previous efforts.
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