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  • Spreading out GPP

    Hey, so I've been running Powerbuilding II for the last seven weeks and really, really love the template. I seem to be responding really well to the increased volume associated with the "II" templates. My only issue is that it's really difficult for me to commit to six days of training per week with school/work. I've been experimenting with this: After day 1 left and accessory, I do the core work and maybe throw in some calf presses. After the day 2 and accessory, I do the upper back work and arms. Day 3 (Wednesday) I've been packing all of the cardio into that day. So LISS followed by sprints and then go home. Then the last two lifting days, the GPP is distributed in the same fashion it is earlier in the week (Abs/calves, Upper back/arms). Is there any disadvantage to this approach or would there be a more optimal way to break this work up into five days? Thanks, guys!

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    This is totally fine. Carry on!
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